These lovable pooches have become the official Flushing Optical mascots!!!

Their proud owner/dad is our optician David.  David adopted these two from Adopt-A-Pet in Fenton, Mi.  They are litter mates, and had originally been adopted out to separate households from a breeder.  They were both surrendered to Adopt-A-Pet for different reasons after a short period of time.  Once the connection was made that they were brother and sister, it was decided that whoever adopted them next would need to agree to keep them together.  David and his wife, Liz were more than willing to open up their hearts and home to these two love bugs.

Since bring them home, David has shared them with the staff and patients on a regular basis.  You can stop on most days to say hello.  Rocky and Adrian have their own little cubby in the back lab area.  They love when our patients will pet and play with them while visiting.